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Mmuo (spirit) is an Igbo word. Mmuo comes from the word muo, that is to birth. Our ancestors understand that nobody comes to earth on his own accord. You were brought here by the spirit inside you. That is why our ancestors called this spirit Mmuo because just as your mother is the person that mmuo you, this spirit in you is the one that gave birth to you in this world. This Mmuo is also what our ancestors called Chi.

This is why our ancestors gave us such names as CHINWENDUM, CHIJINDUM, and CHINENYENWA. Chinwwndu means Chi owns my life. Chijindum means Chi holds my life, while Chinenyenwa means it is Chi that gives babies. Mmuo or Chi is your spiritual energy. The Ancestors know this spirit has tremendous power and this they preserved in the names of their children whom they named CHINWEIKE, and CHIBUIKE. While Chinweike means Chi owns power, Chibuike means Chi is power. So your spiritual power is your Chi. Your Chi is your power and it is so powerful. Without our Chi none of us can connect to our Chi-Male Principle and Eke-Female Principle, which is called Chinaeke or Chineke (‘Chi’ and ‘Eke’) in Igbo Language.

Our Ancestors knew that our world is Uwa Izu (a world where things are complementary) and therefore cannot be separated. The world of the fall apart when they started seeing the world from the white man’s perspective. The white man’s world is the world of ALIENATION where things are at opposite to each other. To the European, the man is the opposite of the woman, light is the opposite of darkness, water is the opposite of fire and earth is the opposite of heaven.


In Igbo Cosmology it is not so. Our Ancestors see it as Uwa Izu. Izu means complete. You hear that in our weeks and in a month. In Igbo Cosmology, a week is called Izu. So when you begin to separate what is not to be separated you begin to have problems in all areas of your life – in child birth, in your home, education, career, marriage, business and in your health. This is the singular reason why the Igbos are in the condition they see themselves today. Modern Igbos do not know that we share life with natural Forces. We are surrounded by and live in energies that we may not fully understand.

As we begin to know our Chi by reconnecting with our Chi that lives inside of us, and come to know that the power to relate with the Almighty, then we will begin to see our Chi getting whatever we need for us. That is why our ancestors say that Ifesinachi. Light comes from Chi, wealth come from Chi- Ubasinachi.

Wether you are Igbo or anyone from Africa or an African American, I beg you to recognize your Chi or Mmuo that lives in you today and begin to see your life turn around for the best. Your Chi wants you to know him or her and that is why he is not happy. Therefore he/she chastise you so much so that you will go and find out from a spiritulist who may tell you to go and make peace with him/her.

He/She is your guardian angel who have protected you and cared for you from your babyhood till you became matured enough to take care of yourself and that is really when you started experiencing hardship in your life. This is because at a certain age when your chi expects you to know him/her and start to give back to him/her and follow him/her to do that for which he/she brought you into this life.

However, because you are deep in ignorance,that is the reason for the suffering you are into today. Your Chi can be called and appeased the African way and he can be brought home so that you can communicate with him/her whenever you want to. We can help you with that. Just call on us at + (234) 893 040 5803 if you need to do your Chi work or feel free to email us with the email address on our contact page.

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